A selection of research, material driven and concept based projects

  • 2012 – Real Fake Fur

    2012 – Real Fake Fur

    The average consumer has an ethical approach to the fur industry. However, the number of fur products sold is increasing. Realizing that fur trimmings were the main driver of the fur-fashion resurfacing made me think about possible animal-friendly alternatives so that no animal has to suffer while providing fur.

  • 2010 – Recipe theorists

    2010 – Recipe theorists

      ‘GET THE RECIPE RIGHT, THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS’ *quote from ‘playing god’ by PZ Myers 2007 on   Inspired by the methods of research into synthetic and systems biology by Professor Christopher Alexander Hunter from The University of Sheffield and his team, the project challenges conventional design processes that tend to be product driven. Scientists appear to use [...]

  • 2010 – Synaesthesia

    2010 – Synaesthesia

    Content will follow soon…  

  • 2008 – Jules Verne

    2008 – Jules Verne

    Jules Verne, a madman or a visionary? Inspiration of my final fashion collection for final degree at Modefachschule Sigmaringen, Germany 2008